The Wired Ivy Podcast is a labor of love. Dan and Kieran enjoy having conversations about online instruction and programs, and wanted an excuse to chat about these topics on a regular basis, together and with others. Since we both work virtually, live in different states, and have colleagues who are geographically scattered as well, we also miss having opportunities for informal interaction with other educators.

Teaching in a Time Warp
Time is the raw material of our days.  On the one hand it is precise …
#30: Ocean Onliners
As universities attempt to turn away from the remote emergency instruction of 2020 and return …
#29: Activist Educators
September is a great time to look at our syllabi, course designs, our delivery strategies, …
#28: Slicing the Creative Pie (Summer Shorts)
Technology is disrupting academia in many ways, including the question of who owns course content …
#27: Everything Old is New Again (Summer Shorts)
The new academic year seems like an opportune time to ask… are online, asynchronous, and …
#26: No Teacher is an Island (Summer Shorts)
Welcome to Wired Ivy… Summer Shorts! Dan here. Are you ready for …

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. ~ Albert Einstein


#13: Remix (Summer Shorts)

Does the room where it happens always have to be a room? Which room was once the only option. Here’s my proposal: There’s now an arsenal of content delivery options at your disposal. You don’t have to pick between a room and Zoom, a lectern or broadband. Your choices are unlimited… not OR but AND.

#15: Field & Screen

With video conferencing fatigue taking a toll on students and faculty alike, what better time to consider adding some physically active assignments to your syllabus?  Our guest for this week’s episode, Jim Egenrieder of Virginia Tech, provides inspiration and tips for integrating Field & Screen. 

#8: Anytime, Anywhere

Michael Carey, chair of the Department of Organizational Leadership in the School of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, discusses how leadership is learned through an online curriculum, as well as the importance of online communication skills and how they carry over to professional work. 

#14: Role Rehearsal

The curtain is rising on another academic year — admittedly it’s odd one. Season 2 of Wired Ivy opens with an exploration of the Socratic method* for the virtual stage, directed by Doug Ward of University of Kansas, to be performed asynchronously with student-audience participation.


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