The Wired Ivy Podcast is a labor of love. Dan and Kieran enjoy having conversations about online instruction and programs, and wanted an excuse to chat about these topics on a regular basis, together and with others. Since we both work virtually, live in different states, and have colleagues who are geographically scattered as well, we also miss having opportunities for informal interaction with other educators.

#26: Chart a Course to Everywhere
There are many reasons to create academic programs that can reach students who are unable to travel to campus. Maybe you'd like to expand the …
#25: Anatomy of a Lesson
It’s summertime, and the living is… well, easier than last year, at least.  With the start of a new academic year on the horizon, a …
#24: Math Snippets & Stories
Thanks to a year in which online instruction became the unexpected but necessary standard practice in higher ed, our community’s assumptions about what subjects can …
#23: Missing the Table
As higher learning moved into the Fall 2020 academic term, it became clear the Covid-19 pandemic would continue to impact all professors, whether they were …
#22: Innovative Learners
In March 2020, Wired Ivy dropped its first episode, just as the Covid-19 pandemic was closing university campuses around the world. As we enter our …

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. ~ Albert Einstein


#21: De-Tooling BIO Lab

Look past the equipment in an academic wet lab classroom — the pipettes, autoclave, centrifuge, DNA sequencer, gel and blot imaging station, incubators, microscopes — and what’s left? UC Irvine Associate Teaching Professor Pavan Kadandale had to ask himself thatContinue reading “#21: De-Tooling BIO Lab”

#17: Field & Screen

With video conferencing fatigue taking a toll on students and faculty alike, what better time to consider adding some physically active assignments to your syllabus?  Our guest for this week’s episode, Jim Egenrieder of Virginia Tech, provides inspiration and tips for integrating Field & Screen. 

#8: Anytime, Anywhere

Michael Carey, chair of the Department of Organizational Leadership in the School of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, discusses how leadership is learned through an online curriculum, as well as the importance of online communication skills and how they carry over to professional work. 


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