S1E8 – Anytime, Anywhere

Can a 500-year old teaching philosophy translate to online learning?   Saint Ignatius of Loyola articulated a series of spiritual exercises, which became the basis of Jesuit learning.  Central to this philosophy are the learner has primary agency in the learning, and the process of discovery and reflection will unsettle old ideas.  Isn’t unsettling oldContinue reading “S1E8 – Anytime, Anywhere”

S1E7 – Studio Matters

Moving a lecture from face-to-face classroom to virtual conferencing is a pretty straight-forward conversion. That doesn’t mean the switch is seamless or ideal, but it is feasible. Activities that are inherently welded to synchronous delivery in a physical space, like studio and field trips… that’s a different story. Or is it? While we’re on thatContinue reading “S1E7 – Studio Matters”

S1E6 – From Campus to Cloud

Now that many institutions have closed the book on their spring term, educators may finally have some time to catch their breath, reflect on the emergency remote instruction experience, and think about how to prepare for various teaching contingencies in the fall. What better time to talk with an experienced educator on the front lineContinue reading “S1E6 – From Campus to Cloud”

S1E5 – Newly Minted

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly all higher ed institutions in the U.S. to switch their campus-based courses to remote delivery, and on very short notice. Many, if not most, of the faculty teaching these courses had never taught virtually before and, in some cases, if they’d had a choice they might never have doneContinue reading “S1E5 – Newly Minted”

S1E4 – A Quick Pivot

The novel coronavirus pandemic is disrupting families, communities, and workplaces everywhere. Famously, it’s disrupting higher education as well.  Because for the foreseeable future we cannot gather in groups like classrooms, professors and students involuntarily had to move online. Emergency remote higher education is just that — a quick pivot.  Still, we expect many professors adaptingContinue reading “S1E4 – A Quick Pivot”

S1E3 – Connecting the Dots

Last week, we talked about the value of virtual learning communities to help students and faculty feel engaged and supported. Now we’re shifting from theory to practice, sharing some of the things we’ve tried and continue to use in class. We’re hoping listeners will follow our lead and help us make this a conversation byContinue reading “S1E3 – Connecting the Dots”

S1E2 – Community Values

In Season 1, Wired Ivy will lean into online communities — their contribution to better learning outcomes, their benefits and challenges, as well as creative ways to connect and manage virtual groups. We’ll begin with a two-part conversation; we’re calling this episode Community Values, and in Connecting the Dots we’ll share specific strategies we’ve usedContinue reading “S1E2 – Community Values”

A Textbook Case of Distance Learning

by Kieran J. Lindsey, PhD I’d like to introduce you to an educational tool you think you already know well. Your perception originates from the fact that this tool has been used in almost every class you’ve ever taken as a student and, if you’re an instructor, this tool or a variation thereof has beenContinue reading “A Textbook Case of Distance Learning”

Remote, Not Distant

by Daniel J. Marcucci, PhD COVID-19 has unexpectedly forced thousands of college instructors to pivot from classroom to cloud.  Perhaps you’re one of the thousands of educators who has years of experience teaching face-to-face but limited or no experience with online instruction. If so, we offer three broad considerations as you re-frame your course forContinue reading “Remote, Not Distant”

S1E1 – Welcome to the Wired Ivy Podcast

This introductory episode is a chance to explain the Wired Ivy project and introduce ourselves and it’s also our invitation to you to become part of this community and conversation, so let’s connect! Share your thoughts and ideas with us by joining our Wired Ivy LinkedIn Group, or by tweeting us @wiredivy. CITATIONS AND REFERENCESContinue reading “S1E1 – Welcome to the Wired Ivy Podcast”