Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — REMIX

Welcome to Wired Ivy… Summer Shorts! Kieran here, and I’ve got a question for you… Does the room where it happens always have to be a room? In ages past, information distribution was a problem with few solutions. True, a printing press could be gleaned by a man of means and esteem, but with literacyContinue reading “Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — REMIX”

Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — NO TEACHER IS AN ISLAND

Welcome to Wired Ivy… Summer Shorts! Dan here. Are you ready for some island time? Sometimes you just want to get away. And if you’re teaching online you can! Bouvet Island in the Southern Ocean is the place to go. It’s the most remote land on Earth, with the closest neighbor being the Princess AstridContinue reading “Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — NO TEACHER IS AN ISLAND”

Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — COMING UP FOR AIR

Welcome to Wired Ivy… Summer Shorts! Dan here. How long can you hold your breath? For 20 million years sperm whales have had the largest brains on Earth. They are five-times larger than ours. And sperm whales are also the loudest animals — emitting nested digital clicks that can reach 235 decibels — that’s twiceContinue reading “Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — COMING UP FOR AIR”

Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — TIME IS ON MY SIDE

Welcome to Wired Ivy… Summer Shorts! I’m Kieran, and today we’re going to explore time and relativity as they pertain to teaching synchronous, asynchronous, and self-paced courses. I know this is hard to believe, given what comes out of the 24-7 media fire hydrant we’re all tapped into, whether we try to be or not,Continue reading “Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — TIME IS ON MY SIDE”

Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — SYNC OR SWIM

Welcome to Wired Ivy… Summer Shorts! Dan here, with a suggestion for swimming in the ocean of online learning. It’s summertime.  For my four-year old grandson that means roaming outdoors, digging in the garden, sleeping under the stars, and swimming.    But with the pandemic in full force, his Y has closed and his swimContinue reading “Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — SYNC OR SWIM”

Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — WHAT’S YOUR NAME?

Welcome to Wired Ivy… Summer Shorts! Kieran here with some thoughts on what we call teaching and learning that takes place outside of a brick-box classroom. When you think about it, terminology is a kind of short-hand. Having an established, defined vocabulary allows academic colleagues to discuss their discipline without having to explain what theyContinue reading “Wired Ivy’s Summer Shorts — WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”

S1E9 – Two-Way Street

Throughout this first season of Wired Ivy, our conversations with faculty and program directors have centered on the role of virtual learning communities and our efforts to encourage students to connect with one another. Well, the academic year has ended so you know what that means–time for teacher evaluations! In Wired Ivy’s first ever panel discussion,Continue reading “S1E9 – Two-Way Street”

S1E8 – Anytime, Anywhere

Can a 500-year old teaching philosophy translate to online learning?   Saint Ignatius of Loyola articulated a series of spiritual exercises, which became the basis of Jesuit learning.  Central to this philosophy are the learner has primary agency in the learning, and the process of discovery and reflection will unsettle old ideas.  Isn’t unsettling oldContinue reading “S1E8 – Anytime, Anywhere”

S1E7 – Studio Matters

Moving a lecture from face-to-face classroom to virtual conferencing is a pretty straight-forward conversion. That doesn’t mean the switch is seamless or ideal, but it is feasible. Activities that are inherently welded to synchronous delivery in a physical space, like studio and field trips… that’s a different story. Or is it? While we’re on thatContinue reading “S1E7 – Studio Matters”

S1E6 – From Campus to Cloud

Now that many institutions have closed the book on their spring term, educators may finally have some time to catch their breath, reflect on the emergency remote instruction experience, and think about how to prepare for various teaching contingencies in the fall. What better time to talk with an experienced educator on the front lineContinue reading “S1E6 – From Campus to Cloud”